Un piccolo esempio di come si creano cambiamenti nella nostra vita con questa meravigliosa tecnica, che è il Theta Healing

Effects of belief work with Theta Healing

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I want to tell you a little story on belief work with Theta Healing.

She was a girl of about 4 years. Very healthy, on average cute and full of life. He loved jumping and dancing in front of the TV, with the abbreviations of the programs of that time. He lived in a family of those once, where all the relatives met on Saturday night to be together and chat about what had happened during the week.

During one of those Saturday nights, one of her aunts, perhaps tired of a difficult day, was annoyed by her happy jumps and pirouettes and to stop her, without realizing it, told her that he was giving her a headache. Thinking about it now, she did not even look like a scolding: after all she had said it firmly, but also with a touch of sweetness, in her half-smile.

That evening the child settled down and tried not to disturb anymore her aunt with the headache.

Sometimes, a simple sentence can change the life of a child.

I grew up in shyness. Always fearful of disturbing, unable to begin a speech to which I had not been invited. Contacting someone I did not know in person, who had not been presented to me by common friendships was a tragedy for me.

During the first ThetaHealing seminar, during the first trial of belief work, I no longer know to what question, I answered “my life disturbs people” I suddenly remembered that episode which I had completely erased. During the session, my workmate removed this belief and replaced it with adequate empowering beliefs. Now I do public presentations and I hold seminars to remind everyone that they are divine sparks.

Not bad as a side effect of the Theta, right?

This is just a small example of how changes are made in our lives with this wonderful technique.

Thank you, Creator, for what I am and for what I will become. And thank you for letting me meet this wonderful technique.


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