A small note on the abundance and why sometimes we do not get what we want

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Imagine the universe as a waiter who can hear your thoughts.
You order a coke. He goes to pick it up and hears you thinking “I should not, it hurts me” .. And then he comes back .. And you: “where’s my coke?” so he goes to take it again and you then think “all that sugar will kill me” and this poor guy who goes back and forth until you can feel and think that coke, at that moment, is what’s right for you.
Your coke is already there waiting for you, even before you ask for it.
But your vibration prevents the waiter to bring it to you.
The meditation technique ThetaHealing® helps you find the origin of all those negative thoughts and to correct it, to clean up your subconscious and abandon the ways of thinking that keep you from getting what you want.

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