Here’s what doesn’t work in “The Secret”

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There’s nothing wrong.

We all now know “The Secret”: What we think about, we do attract. But why, then, we attract what we don’t like? The answer could also seem trivial, but it is the truth: Because we think about it. We spend much more time thinking about what we don’t like or that frightens us than which we spend to think about what we love and deserve.

The real secret is not to force our mind to think about what we like, but change the source of our thoughts. With the ThetaHealing® technique we teach our minds to create the best thoughts for us to change perspective and evaluate what surrounds us through the loving energy of the universe with gratitude; without fear, without judgment or prejudice. This work raises our vibrations and makes us available to receive from the universe that we desire and deserve.

With love and gratitude. ♥

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