The Law of Mirror

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“If you don’t like what you see in the mirror, how useful will be to smash the mirror? You have to be changed!”
[C.E. Plourde]

The Law of the mirror reminds us that what we see in front of us is just a reflection of how we look at it, what we are and that if we don’t like something, it depends on us. With the ThetaHealing® technique we can recognize and change things within us that make us uncomfortable our view of the world around us.


“I can see the truth outside and inside me, without fear of having to recognize that it depends on me, without fear of changing it, in the highest and best way. I know that it is possible, I’m worthy to, I deserve it, I let me do it and I’m already doing it.”

Say “Yes” to receive the energy of this feeling.


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