Re-gain Balance and Psychological Well-being

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Regaining balance and psychological well-being is easier than you think.

There are times in our lives when we feel like we grope in the dark and think that nobody can understand how we feel. We feel alone, abandoned by fate and without the support of friends.

The good news is that, although it seems true, it is not.

This feeling comes from the sense of separation that has been infused into us during our growth: the education that is imposed on us, albeit apparently full of goodness and altruism, carries with her a number of negative aspects, such as the fight to be always the best, the belief that if we are not good enough people we care about (parents, for example) will stop loving us, or the run to “set aside” resources we have for avoiding running out “just in case…”

They teach us that life is hard, that you have to fight to survive, that “If you want something done, do it yourself”, that if you’re not good enough you will be alone, and so on.

What they do not tell us

It is that we are more than our physical being, the vital energy that is within us. That energy flowing through our bodies and our brains. The energy that creates thoughts. Pure energy. Our body is a “suit” that we use to get around.

They also forget to teach us that in the universe there is only one energy which, depending on the vibration frequency, creates different atoms and realities. That if the energy of the universe is one, and we are made of energy, then we are one with the whole universe. No separation. We are always connected to everything that was created and that which it creates.

Exactly the same way one person can affect the dynamics of a group, the vibration of our energy affects the dynamics of the universe. It always does, but we are not aware. When we learn to raise our vibration with awareness, we change ourselves and the world around us.

The ThetaHealing® Meditation technique

puts us in condition to do just that. By working through the Theta waves emitted by our brain in a state of deep meditation we can find out what are the negative beliefs, thoughts and deepest programs that hide in our unconscious blocking the proper flow of our lives, to remove them or change them (according to the case) with new positive feelings that will facilitate the flow of energy.

With this kind of work we change the vibration sent to the universe and therefore the reality it renders us, thus creating the change we want, we search for, we deserve.

You can find information on the ThetaHealing meditation technique on my site and on the official website.

4 Responses

  1. zamagni mirco

    sono belle frasi ma non e cosi semplice non sentirsi abbandonati, traditi e forse anche presi in giro. Si dice che questa è la vita e va vissuta allegramente, sorridendo e ringraziando di ciò che essa ci dà. Ok viviamo la vita per quello che è e che ci dà. Domani è un altro giorno e il sole sorgerà.

    • Gabriella Olivieri

      Buongiorno Mirco. Grazie per il tuo commento. Capisco che per la maggior parte delle persone può risultare difficile accettare determinate situazioni. Il ThetaHealing è un mezzo per imparare a cambiare punto di vista e smettere di filtrare ciò che vediamo con le convinzioni del nostro subconscio. Quando ci liberiamo del nostro ego e accettiamo che la nostra vita è il risultato di ciò che abbiamo pensato, detto, fatto fino ad ora, ci rendiamo conto che essa è nelle nostre mani e possiamo cambiare sia il presente che il futuro. Ri-creare la nostra vita ogni giorno, nella più alta versione della miglior visione che abbiamo mai avuto di essa e di noi stessi.

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