Yin and Yang

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The harmonization of opposites.

I have already published an article that talked about how much, in terms of humanity, have been taken away from men. It was a real letter of apology for dehumanizing them and then complaining about what they look like and how they behave.

I would like to deepen this, because in the last few days I continuously hear to speak of “feminine”: to work on feminine, to strengthen the feminine, to restore dignity and strength to feminine, to restore love to the heart of the feminine and so on.

True, we are on duality, but we try to remind you that we are first of all our essence and that the soul has no sex.

This need to rediscover the feminine power begins to look like a class struggle, a way of redeeming women from centuries of oppression. The same centuries in which man has been subjected to a bombing of beliefs according to which he can only be considered a man if he is successful, if he has money, if he has things, if he owns his woman (or even many women) … sense of possession has been put into DNA, in the historical background, is remembered at all times. In addition to this he grew up with a system of judgment, reward and punishment, so that every time he disappointed the expectations of those he loved was punished.

This way, the little pure soul that comes to the world dressed as a man must hear things like “You are a real man only if you are above feelings” and grows believing to be wrong because it is love, wants love, seeks love. At this point he blends his soul’s desires with the teachings of this world and begins to demand the love of a woman and punish her if she does not love her as he or he chooses to buy that love, thinking of to be able to possess everything.


I already hear a chorus of voices (both male and female) rise in protest: “You are defending violent men?!?!?!?!? How do you allow yourself to do it?!?!?!? “No, I’m not defending them. I know it’s wrong exactly as they know it. I try to illustrate somehow that without harmony there is certainly a great discomfort, a conflict between essence and teachings, between soul and beliefs that causes great pain, and because of that I’m very sorry. That’s all.

Harmony lies in the right fusion.

In the well-adjusted balancing of every part of us. As well as Yin and Yang, light and shade or male and female too. What I want to convey is the idea that maybe instead of just curing, fortifying, redeeming, etc. the feminine we could start to work to harmonize these two important and complementary parts. Magnify each being with the best spiritual qualities of both sides. Every woman has the right to use that male part that is fortitude as well as every man has the right to use that female part that is sweetness.

It’s time to bring harmony to everyone. Regardless of the chromosome which caused their sex in this world.


With Love and Gratitude, Gabriella


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