The free space between the words

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I say it very often: I am a girl of a few words.

I don’t like to talk a lot and I don’t like people talking a lot. Maybe I may seem a little dodgy but I’m one of those people who if they can say something in 5 words look for a way to say it in 4 and I struggle to trust those who must use 15 to say the same thing. I like to express what I feel by leaving to those who listen to me (or reads me) the possibility of seeking within themselves their own truth, their (re)action.

We have been raised and indoctrinated by many people telling us what to think and why, without leaving us any space to ask ourselves whether we agreed with their conclusions. Without leaving any space to habit us to think, to feel, to live the information from our point of view.

Maybe they thought they were doing us a favor, saving us the fatigue of having to come to some conclusions. But the truth is that we have been damaged.

They prevented us from learning how to use our own brain, our innate instinctive wisdom, our heart. That is why I try to use as little words as possible. I want tou (us) to be free.

Let’s resume our freedom.

Let’s rediscover our ability to process information, to hear our truth, to choose it, without necessarily accepting the someone else’s pre-packaged one (but without refusing it a priori). Let’s listen, read, elaborate, and then choose what truth to express. Let’s set us free.

Let’s free ourselves from too many words, from TVs that must fill in 24 hours a day of empty spaces. Let’s free ourselves from those who give us an easy “truth” that hides manipulation. Let’s get rid of intellectual laziness and let’s go back to feel with our heart, even before we think.

We are divine sparkles, with that innate instinctive wisdom that can change the world. Let’s use it.


With Love and Gratitude. Gabriella.


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