The wounds of the inner child and the love which is needed to cure them.

We talk so much about the inner child inside of us and the wounds that have been inflicted on him throughout our lives.

About the refusal they felt not being accepted as they were, the abandon they experienced as babies, the constant pressure they felt in “having to earn” their parents’ love, the fear of being wrong and so on.

Accusations, judgments … Who is the culprit of these wounds? Why were they delivered? How?

I think the important thing to consider is how to heal these wounds, how can we ensure that this wounded baby does not condition and justify all our behavior in the present … Do we reject love for fear of being rejected as he felt? Are we afraid to trust anybody for fear of being abandoned exactly as he felt abandoned? Or do we feel right to hurt others because he was first injured?

I think it’s time, for that child, to start to heal

but the only ones who can heal the wounds of that inner child are ourselves, giving him in the now what has been denied as child. But only we can do it. No one outside of him, although can do with his heart, will be able to provide him with this healing. Nothing coming from the outside, no matter how marvelous, no matter how much love brings with it, will never be sufficient to soothe the wounds of this child. Just us, with patience, search, understanding, and the courage to look inside us, to look inside those wounds, we can find the way to heal them.

Very important is, above all, to be able to ensure that our inner child forgives us for what we denied him and for allowing him to suffer.

Let us remember that we have been creating our reality exactly as it is, and if we did, we had a good reason and hence the need to forgive us.

Recognizing why did we need to create what we created we can finally change our suffering into forgiveness and then gratitude, freeing our inner child from having to hold back the pain that hinders him from living his adult life in the love and joy he deserves.


With Love and Gratitude. Gabriella.


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  1. Anna Altieri

    Grazie una pubblicazione di grande aiuto e riflessione..spesso ci comportiamo come dei fanciullini con ferite irrisolte…vedo che attraverso quanto pubblicato siete di grande aiuto…grazie ancora

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