The pain of the loss.

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How much pain is there on this earth? And how much of this pain is caused by the loss? We suffer, we blame, we get angry with ourselves and with others. Why do we do it?

We were “programmed” in the name of control and possession.

We have always been taught that the more we get (we possess) the better we are. So, bend over backwards in order to conquer, control, possess, creating pain during the search and creating pain at separation.

These dynamics are even more marked when it comes to conquering and possessing someone instead of something.

In this case, in addition to the pain during the search and because of the loss we even create pain also to this person, because of course there is also the pain of the fear of losing it, with the consequent limitation of its freedom.

Let’s look at things from another point of view for a while:

We are constantly changing and the universe, in constant motion, gives us what we need at that moment of our lives.

They are gifts, and they are with us so much time as needed. Everyone we meet brings us something we need (maybe not always what we want, but always, in any case, what we need). Sometimes we cannot even figure out what this gift really is.

But when the gift has been received and the task of this person is completed sometimes our paths go separated ways. Because the things we need after that moment maybe are different, and to continue in our change, in our “growth” we need other things.

If we could see this change of paths as a new gift rather than as a loss, we could give our soul the enthusiasm of a new surprise instead of the usual feelings of anger, abandonment, guilt or rancor which bring us so much suffering.

Trying to keep close to us a person who is not destined to remain burns all our energies and we should also consider that to hold someone who wants to go in a different direction from ours keeps us stuck.

Let’s try to imagine that these two people can turn this attachment into unconditional love energy and that at the right time they let each other go without resistance. Both on their way, with full energies, with the blessing of the other.

A journey of curiosity and joy, instead of anger. On two different roads, maybe one day they might also gather together. And again, to meet each other with the joy of this meeting instead of the rancor kept for so long.

If we free ourselves from the need for possession, the sense of failure for loss, and suppose that nothing and no one belongs to us, and that every soul (even ours) is worthy of living in the freedom of unconditional love we free ourselves from the pain of loss and we succeed to see the joy and the sense of pride that to witness the success of the souls we love can give us. Transmuting the sense of failure into a pure feeling of joy.


With Love and Gratitude. Gabriella.


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