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The ThetaHealing® Meditation technique is based on the concept that we are much more than our bodies: We are also mind and spirit, but above all: energy. The same energy present in every atom of the universe. As part of that energy, we are always connected to its source and with the power of creation, and we can access this power at any time, if we know how to do. We are all connected to that power and this connection brings our vibrations to the source, which creates a reality conforming to them.

This is the basis of the concept that all that we are living comes to us and that we’ve created it. Many people at this point are tempted to argue that they do not want to be in financial hardship, or would have never wanted to be abandoned by their partner and so on but my question is: what is your primary thought about money? You think you’re poor? You think you need more money? If these are the vibrations that you send to the universe of course that’s what he’ll give back. Similarly when your partner has left you, what was your primary thought? Were you deeply convinced that everything was fine, that she loved you and you were happy with him in this relationship? Or there were doubts of various kind such as “I wonder if he sees someone” “I wonder if he is fed up with me” or something… maybe during your childhood you’ve seen your parents argue or divorce and inside you was formed a program like “the eternal love does not exist” or “love is like a war,” and this has led your vibrations to send the unconscious thought of not wanting an everlasting love, so your eternal love has ended.

During an individual session my task is to use this technique to access your subconscious mind while you remain in an alert state and answer the questions that I ask you to look for what are the thoughts and negative programs or blocking beliefs that keep you from reaching your goals and change them or remove them (as appropriate) to improve the messages and the vibrations that you send to the universe and let you access a new energy of well-being and prosperity.

The session usually begins with a brief conversation to focus on the problem you would like to solve and then the actual treatment begins. Every little step will be done only on your consent. Starting from the energy reactivation of your DNA, the rebalancing of your energy centers (chakras), passing quietly to treat the problem you want to solve. Whatever its nature (physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual or material) the treatment will differ only slightly in modality, but each session is different from the others in its content and results. Sometimes hidden programs are so deeply rooted that require some extra session, but generally a problem is solved in a session or two.

This is a technique that uses the energy of the universe and love and for this reason they have place in the absence of pain. Of course going to touch the certainties of our subconscious he could attempt to rise up and make us feel uncomfortable, but if at that time you avoid listening to him and conclude the session, the feeling of well-being that you will experience after that will the prize for your step towards your real self and toward the life and the future you deserve.

This is a technique that allows for sessions to be held either in person or remotely, via Skype or telephone connection. The cost of the sessions differ according to the customer’s home territory. Contact me and I will be pleased to give you all the information you want.

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