Certified ThetaHealer 2

I was born into a Catholic family, but I never felt tied to religion, on the contrary, over the years I became convinced that it was something invented by men to dominate other men and associating God with religion, I was also trying to get away from him. I tried, in fact. Because deep in my skepticism I was still convinced that there was a Superior Energy who had created All That Is, and that belief never left me.

The ThetaHealing® technique came into my life by chance, a July evening in 2013.

My life was until then quite normal, with its small tragedies, beautiful things, joys and pains that we all know. In those months I crossed a rather dark period: I felt physically very weak and did not understand why. Not even the many visits and the various analysis I made, gave an explanation to that. Of course my mood kept those same levels: you know those statements like “I am always alone,” “nobody wants me” “I can’t do anything good” and so on? Well, my brain seemed like a broken record repeating them indefinitely, making me more and more weak and sad every passing day.

I live in Switzerland and returned to Italy for the holidays, I organized a dinner with a friend, who in turn invited another. That evening, between the chats, I heard for the first time something about this incredible technique and the things that all of us are able to achieve, if we know how to ask for them. In the following days I had an individual treatment and decided I wanted to find out more about this technique.

Back home I bought the book “Theta Healing” (written by Vianna, the woman who has rediscovered this ancient method of meditation) and while I was reading it I decided that I “had to” know that woman. In the meantime, I looked for the first available seminar and in October I became a certified ThetaHealing® practitioner.

My life was changing. Energy came back and especially the “broken record” in my mind calmed down until and stopped at the point that on January 1 2014, even though a really lonely day was waiting for me, I found myself smiling for no apparent reason, and a single thought came into my mind, and stayed with me all day: “you are blessed by the Creator.”

I saw the world changing around me and I realized that was it happening because my attitude and my way of seeing things were changing. The more I worked on myself, the more judgments and prejudices were falling and I understood that everything around us is filtered by our beliefs: everything changes depending on our perspective and how we choose to observe it.

I then decided to teach this wonderful technique because I feel that everyone in the world should enjoy the chance to rediscover the power they have over their lives, being able to take action to improve it and also improve the lives of those around them. So I continued my journey, I have done other seminars and, in october 2014, I became qualified to teach this wonderful technique. I needed over a year before I decided to really teach, and I worked at a lot on myself. This is because a certificate is not enough to make a good teacher, you need plenty more. Now is the time.

I will teach to and learn from my students, opening together the door that overlooks over our true essence.

We are made of energy. The same Energy of Universal Creation. And because of it we can access that power by right of birth.


We are Divine Sparks.